Parks & Nature Reserves

South Africa National Parks (SANParks) manages a wide variation of parks that represents different landscapes with mountain areas, bushveld areas, arid aread and coastal areas. It protects indigenous fauna and flora and culutral heritage sites.

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A Wild Card offers free and unlimited entrance to over 80 National Parks and Nature Reserve in South Africa. There is a once-off yearly fee.

Price for International "All Parks Cluster" (Status 2014):
This will give you access to 80+ Parks and Reserves around Southern Africa, which are included in the SANParks, Msinsi, EKZNWildlife, Cape Nature and Swazi Clusters Parks.

  • Single:   R 1.670,00
  • Couple:  R 2.610,00 (any 2 people)
  • Famiily:   R 3.120,00 (up to 7 people, max. 2 adults)

Different prices for Local Clusters are only available to South African and SADC Nationals.

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